Wednesday, April 26, 2017

#7 Moonlight Sonata

When Howard finished his food he left the restaurant and found that he was in the same alley he had originally turned down. In a few steps he was back on Simone Boulevard. But when he turned to look back at the restaurant, it was gone. Only blank brick wall remained.
The storm had finally abated but everywhere he looked he could see its effects. Downed trees blocked the sidewalks and random debris was strewn around the streets. People slowly emerged from their houses and, doing the natural thing, began to clean the mess up. Howard joined in as best he could.

Eventually word was circulated that there was to be a festival that night with live music, food, and rides. It hit Howard that this would be the perfect opportunity to test his chef skills. If he could make money selling his food at the festival and if people liked it maybe he could actually become the chef he always wanted to be.

But first he had to prepare. He thought about the best way to sell food at a festival and realized a food truck would be perfect. He took a cab to the used car dealership and used a huge chunk of his savings to buy a blank white van. There was no turning back now. He drove the van to the grocery store and picked up the supplies he’d need. Finally he bought some paint and headed back to his apartment. In huge letters he painted “Howard’s Burgers (and other things)” on the side of the truck.

He spend the rest of the day in his small kitchen devising the menu for the night. He experimented with the ingredients he bought coming up with new, exciting creations. As he cooked he realized he was having the most fun he’d had in ages. Before he knew it the sun was starting to set. But he was ready. He loaded up his van. It was time.

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